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From the installation of the studio to the delivery of the content to VideoFront, through a technological platform of its own, accompanies your student throughout their learning path.

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Why the videofront?

  • Live streaming
  • EAD
  • Corp training
  • Video hosting

Live streaming

This is another differential of VideoFront. With security, speed and practicality, your e-learning platform will have the ability to transmit online courses, trainings and even meetings live, in real time. This practice, in addition to significantly reducing costs, enables effective participation of students and employees wherever they are.


VideoFront was designed by the leaders who created and managed the platform of Brazil's largest online course, CERS. In addition to state-of-the-art technology, VideoFront offers expert consultants to create online courses that will facilitate the formatting and implementation of your project. Including a complete consulting so that your company can take advantage of this growing market in Brazil in terms of E-learning

Corp trainingo

VIDEOFRONT offers the best solutions for deployment and use of e-learning platforms for corporate training. Created by leaders of the CERS Online Courses, which since 2009 manage the video platform of CERS, the largest online course in Brazil, VIDEOFRONT provides your company with this same expertise guaranteeing a complete consultancy for team training, training and maximum security of their online content. In addition to building sites and APP's.

Video hosting

This is a service that VideoFront offers through the Video Library. Here, all your content will be preserved with maximum security and guaranteed access only by those who actually have this permission.


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Renato Saraiva

Founder of CERS group

Entrepreneur Endeavor, labor consultant, former attorney for Labor MP and founding partner of VideoFront.

Recognized by Endeavor as one of the leading personalities of global entrepreneurship, Renato Saraiva has an uncommon trajectory: he served in the military, graduated as a lawyer, served as a public servant for years, and then became an entrepreneur at age 40. Having spent his childhood in Vigário Geral, a humble region in the northern part of Rio de Janeiro, Saraiva found in military service the only opportunity to improve his life.

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