EAD Meeting

EAD MEETING VideoFront is designed to maximize your team's productivity through a fully online broadcast platform where management can interact, live and real-time, like the entire workforce.

  • - Technology and innovation in the corporate environment;
  • - Meetings without borders;
  • - Broadcast data, reports and shared content with everyone in real time;
  • - Interaction facilitated with multiple screens at the same time;
  • - Reduced costs for your corporation;
  • - Training and qualification of teams with greater ease and lower cost.

Videofront Live

Ideal for meeting corporate managers and specific team training.

This tool allows the user to transmit content, in video and text, at the same time, with full security and privacy of information exchanged via CHAT.

  • - Advantages of technology
  • - Managers can interact during a meeting and exchange information securely.
  • - Enables the team to be evaluated in real-time during a corporate training.
  • - LIVE can be open to the public or selected in a specific environment for the purpose most suited to your business.
  • - Full security through login, password, and periodic user registrations.


Synchronized transcription between audio and video makes it easy to understand messages and streamlines communication between the team.

With this tool, the content of your video library will be presented with the transcription of audio in text in a totally secure and synchronized way. Easier for your employees to use content and conduct training. This technology ensures agility in the transmission of content and information, as well as streamline the interaction between the participants or target audience of a transmission.

  • - Ensures full accessibility to your content online.
  • - Translation for any language.
  • - High assertiveness rate.


Fully customizable content broadcast or meeting environment

The possibility that training and meetings are held in an environment perfectly adjusted to what management seeks in terms of results. A secure way to customize the virtual environment of your company.

  • - Provides posting of corporate materials and content so they can be accessed in tinted.
  • - Enables a virtual environment for live streaming. Ideal for meetings with teams in different locations.
  • - Discussion forum and real-time meetings between managers and team of collaborators.