Face Authentic

One of the biggest concerns of those using e-learning platforms or broadcast content online courses, as well as for corporate training and management meetings, is with the security of your data and information. This submits is possible from the pursuit of a guarantee of user identification, whether these students or teachers of the platform. Ideal also for the different levels of positions within a company. The solution is in our tool called FACE AUTHENTIC.

Available resources

  • - Enables secure control that your content is being used by who actually has this possibility.
  • - Check who is actually accessing the platform.
  • - Validation by WebCam;
  • - Validate number of people in the catch;
  • - Valid if the catch actually belongs to the authorized;
  • - Saves all captured images for later auditing;

Compatible with Moddle

We have native Moodle plugin ready for this. With this plugin just install, set the API keys and start using.

In Moodle you can define which courses will have face recognition, how long between captures and more.

Plus, if you need new features, our team of experts can create many other features you need.

In addition, the plugin integrates directly into the student profile, making the search easier.